$1,497.00 USD

Certified Energy and Flow Level I and II Coach




The Energy and Flow Certification is valid proof that the Candidate can successfully practice the Energy and Flow technique with clients according to the rREST standards of performance. As a benefit of this course, Candidate will receive attunement and become Certified in Reiki Level I and II.




This fee includes one weekend intensive via ZOOM (dates provided at registration) and two to three ZOOM calls, class dependent. There will be two mandatory calls in the two weeks leading up to the weekend, and possibly one after.


Certification success will be determined by completion and review of the Certification Requirements. You will receive specific guidelines in your welcome email including specific dates and times for the course requirements.  Mandatory requirements to successfully complete the course are listed below:

  1. Attend all mandatory calls, online live training, and/or live training per the class syllabus and calendar. You will receive the syllabus and calendar upon enrollment:
    1. Two Support Calls in Preparation for Reiki Attunement
    2. Two days over a single weekend, consisting of 8 hours of instruction (online live via ZOOM / other video conferencing tool or possibly in person if attending a Live Event).
  2. You will be required to conduct a four-week clean living program. The cleansing process is an important part of your Energy and Flow experience:
    1. Your diet should be adjusted to consist of raw or lightly cooked plant foods
    2. You should strive to achieve proper hydration, rest, and mindfulness practice each morning and evening
    3. Alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs should be avoided during these four weeks
  3. Demonstrate understanding of your Reiki lineage, precepts, symbols, and hand positions for near and distant healing.  This includes your ability to pronounce Reiki symbols. You must demonstrate you understand how to incorporate all three into your Reiki practice.
  4. Demonstrate baseline understanding of how Energy Psychology can be combined with Reiki, and how Energy and Flow is differentiated from other Reiki programs.


These requirements are at the sole discretion of rREST Inc. and may change from time to time.


Once the Candidate successfully completes the Certification process, they will be known as a Certified Energy and Flow Coach (“Reiki Coach”), and will be eligible to progress toward a Energy and Flow Master Certification (“Reiki Master Coach”).




Certification shall be valid indefinitely from completion of the four-week program.  While there is no requirement to maintain your Energy and Flow Certification, rREST encourages Coaches to stay involved with rREST community events and consider further education through our programming to maintain awareness of evolving Energy Psychology research that we incorporate into our Energy and Flow programs. 


These requirements are at the sole discretion of rREST Inc. and may change from time to time.




Certified Coach is granted the opportunity to:


  1. continue into a rREST Certification Course at reduced pricing
  2. be eligible for Energy and Flow marketing materials when available
  3. be eligible to hire our staff to create scheduling calendar
  4. be eligible for Energy and Flow Level III and Master Track
  5. be eligible for ongoing coaching and guidance programs from rREST Inc. for creating a thriving practice.



Certified Coach must uphold the standards of an Energy and Flow Certified Coach including ethical standards, industry guidelines, provide services consistent with competencies, refer to other credentialed experts when appropriate, be truthful about qualifications and limitations, provide services only within their expertise, safeguard client confidences. The Company has the right to terminate this agreement and Certified Coach’s Certification if it is determined that the Certified Coach has not upheld the rREST Certified Coach standards as listed above.


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Energy and Flow I and II by rREST (August 2022)

Energy & Flow by rREST®

We have distilled tens of thousands of dollars in education and hundreds of hours in training over the last 30 years into one of the most compelling, structured, and supported energy work classes available.

And, we're taking your training to the next level.

Energy psychology opens your mind to the other amazing senses of the human body. Information is energy "in formation". Your body provides you cues that we will teach you to tune into, allowing expansion of your skills of intuition.

In this program you'll receive:

  • Two full days of Engaging, Dynamic, and Clear Energy Work Instruction ($2,995 Value)
  • Introduction to Energy Psychology ($2,495 Value)
  • Certification for Reiki I & II 
  • Instruction by P.h.D. Scientists and experienced energy workers
  • Introduction to Energy & Flow by rREST
  • Community of Practitioners
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Monthly calls in preparation for the weekend workshop
  • Total Value:  $5,490

Support calls in preparation for Attunement 

Beginning August 15th, it is recommended you begin a four-week clean living program. This begins two weeks prior to your attunement and continues for two weeks after.

The clean living program consists of raw or lightly cooked plant foods, lots of water, rest, mindfulness practice in the morning and evening, no alcohol, caffeine, or recreational drugs.

Training and Attunement Weekend:

We will conduct your attunements during the Energy & Flow training weekend that takes place on Saturday & Sunday. There will be scheduled breaks throughout the day.

Our training will primarily take place over ZOOM video conferencing. Attunement will be completed outdoors preferably or inside a sacred space that we will help you to create.