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Our journey in life is riddled with moments that quietly take a toll on our confidence, abilities, and feelings of self-worth. These silent killers prevent us from fully living a life of ambition, deep connection, and fulfillment.

These moments start early in life, and are the seeds of our emotional discontent. They are very different than the types of trauma that we know as adults. Our adult traumas, however, do nurture these seeds, creating the patterns that we find difficult to break...














Our rREST Coaches gently and rapidly remove undesired stress responses that stand between you and the life you want. The result is greater clarity around why your stressors hold you back, both personally and professionally, and how to move forward to achieve success. 

Coaching Gets Results

rREST has developed a unique approach to coaching that enhances your self-awareness at the subconscious level. Our coaches remove blind spots in your mind that cause you to react in ways that you normally wouldn’t. With regular coaching calls, you are equipped to win faster and with less friction than you would on your own. 

With rREST coaching, you start to notice more—the weight of your stress lifts, allowing room for emotional clarity.

At rREST, we help you put your stress to rest so you can experience a life of clarity.

 Our coaches create a safe and inclusive space tailored to your specific needs. An effective coach helps you see your specific circumstances objectively and provides you with the tools you need to deal with the complexities of your situation. Using the proprietary rREST method and the brain’s neuroplasticity, our coaches go one step further to help your unconscious brain remove negative repetitive thoughts, and then integrate more appropriate and effective response patterns.

3 rREST Session Package


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This is our introductory package that allows an individual to experience the immediate results of rREST. We believe that rREST should be broadly accessible to as many people as possible, which is why this package exists.

  • 3 Sessions with a rREST Certified Coach
  • Access to the rREST Online Community
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5 rREST Session Package


Most Popular

To truly experience rREST and start experiencing a life of clarity, we recommend at least a five session breakthrough package. Five sessions start to clear multiple patterns that are holding you back, and prime you for success in your personal and professional life. 

  • 5 Sessions with a rREST Certified Coach
  • Access to the rREST Online Community
Break Through

10 rREST Session Package


Seeking Serious Results

After only 10 sessions, clients start to see incredible breakthroughs and learn what it means to experience a life of clarity. This package is for someone who is serious about making a major shift in life to attain higher performance and show up as your most authentic self. 

  • 10 Sessions with a rREST Certified Coach
  • Access to the rREST Online Community

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