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Accelerated rREST Mastery

The Accelerated rREST Mastery combines both the rREST Certification and the rREST Advanced Certification courses, described below, allowing students a seamless transition to rREST Mastery.  rREST Certification Course Learn how to rapidly reprogram the mind for more success. This fully supported 6-month certification program will teach you how to clear out emotional blocks and stress patterns from their source, using the fast and efficient Rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique or rREST®. This course includes 5 days of intensive online workshops, split into 2 workshops. You will want to block off the dates to attend these life-changing workshops. 12 group training and coaching sessions will be hosted in order to integrate rREST into your current practice, so your clients get faster results, write you rave reviews, and want to share you with the world.  Advanced rREST Certification  A Deeper Understanding For A More Effective Practice During this highly specialized 7-month, rREST® Certified Advanced Coaching Program, you learn advanced rREST techniques that you can apply in all areas of your life.  As a rREST Certified Coach, you learned how to weed the garden of the mind. With the Advanced Course, you become a Master Gardener of the Mind. You learn how to assess the unique mental/emotional landscape of your client. You learn not only novel and more effective ways to use rREST, but also how to plan the whole landscape, plant seeds, and nurture good growth. You will be able to guide your clients on a purposeful journey to be their best selves, meet their goals, build their dreams, and master their lives.

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